About us

We are fully committed to collaborate,
with our clients
on even the wildest of projects.

Our community is united by our common bond
and a shared desire to build a strong future.

Notre mission

Newelec supports your high-tech projects in a friendly atmosphere.

The versatility and diversity of our skillset enhance our strength and allow us to offer our customers the efficiency and responsiveness they have come to expect.

Our values

1. Team spirit

Together we make the difference. Our desire is to move forward in the spirit of mutual aid and solidarity to achieve our common goal: to deliver quality service to our customers. Our team spirit is infectious!

2. Commitment

We are proud to be able to count on our exceptional teams, which distinguish themselves by their motivation, their investment, their reliability and their constant desire to outdo themselves, in the service of our customers.

3. Sharing

It is by sharing our experiences and our ideas that we create a strong future. Sharing takes place within our teams, at all levels, between colleagues and departments. It also defines the relationship with our customers.


Newelec is a family business founded in 1985 in Liège and specializes in industrial electrical engineering. Since its creation, Newelec has never ceased to develop. We now have more than 200 employees in three sites: Liège, Strépy-Bracquegnies and Brussels.

We are active in strategic B2B sectors such as industry, infrastructure and the tertiary sector.

In 2017, Newelec joined forces with Luminus, a leading group in green energy supply and the energy transition market.

Newelec enhances its energy efficiency in 2019 by partnering with Ervac, an HVAC programming and regulation specialist.

Newelec is thus expanding its range of services by enabling its customers to reduce their costs and their ecological footprint (electric mobility, cogeneration, hydroelectricity, wind power, photovoltaics, etc.).

Administrateurs délégués de Newelec

Our team

The management of our projects is organized on each site into 3 departments: industry, the tertiary sector and infrastructure.

Newelec brings together and manages the specific skills necessary for the full realization of the project, all fully in-house.

Thus, our project managers rely on our design office, our electric panel workshop, high voltage, automation and/or HVAC regulation.

Our achievements are the culmination of the collective efforts of our engineers, technical experts, programmers, designers, automation engineers …

To carry out projects for our customers, we can also count on our field teams (industrial electricians, cable fitters, electromechanical engineers, etc.) led by our team managers. As veritable on-site facilitators, they translate into reality the technical recommendations issued by the project manager.