How to Marry a Foreigner or Non-Citizen

However, those who have a Brazilian spouse qualify to apply for a second citizenship after just one year of uninterrupted residence in the country. If you have any questions, it’s best to get in touch with an experienced immigration attorney before filing Form I-130. When it comes to deciding whether a marriage is bona fide, the U.S. government is pretty strict.

  • The K-3 visa is a nonimmigrant visa that can be used by the immigrant spouse to come to the U.S. and then adjust status.
  • Some couples choose a third option — obtaining the non-immigrant visa to enter the United States as a fiancé and then getting married in the US.
  • However, it is worth noting that the road to obtaining citizenship by marriage can be long.
  • Obtaining a permanent Green Card , giving the right to permanently reside in the United States.
  • We provide support for the Petition for Alien Fiancé (Form I-129F), Petition to Help a Relative Obtain a Green Card (Form I-130), Application to Adjust Status (Form I-485), and several other USCIS forms.

If in doubt, ask the religious representative who is going to perform your marriage whether he/she is authorized to do that. Constitution means that many religious groups exist in the U.S., each with a right to establish the terms under which it will perform marriages.

The minimum age to marry is 18, unless a minor has been emancipated by court order. You must be at least 16 years old to be considered for emancipation. Upon application for a marriage license, an emancipated lebanese girls minor shall provide a certified copy of the order of emancipation. You live in a small town where most of the inhabitants know each other. And the search for a wife has become an interesting activity for you. The fact is that the girls in your city do not meet your requirements. You want to have a charming and interesting bride with a pleasant personality and good looks by your side.

How Much Does It Cost To Marry A Foreigner?

This final step is required to complete the naturalization process. In some instances, you and your betrothed may wish to enter into a written prenuptial or premarital agreement.

You must be old enough to marry in the jurisdiction where you plan to be married. For example, in NC, anyone under 18 years old must have special permission to marry. If either of you is under the age of 21, check the rules for the state in which you plan to marry. If your country or culture practices infant or child marriage, and you are a party to such a marriage, you need to assess whether that marriage is recognized in the U.S. You must be sure that both of you are legally free to marry. Zipporah Sandler AKA Zippy is a lifestyle and travel specialist who after living everywhere from Providence to Paris found herself suddenly residing in South Florida (something she swore she’d never do). If the U.S. citizen does not have enough income to support the immigrant, then a household member may be able to promise support.

If you’re in the United States but your future spouse isn’t

Children of the bride/groom who meet the established criteria receive a K2 visa. After you marry your spouse, you want to ensure they can legally stay in the country.

Not sure if you qualify for a marriage-based green card?

If you do not have all the documents, you can start your application as you look for all the required documents. You may also check out an online immigration lawyer and seek legal guidance about the required documents. Once married, you can file joint federal and state income tax returns. A joint return can often save you and your spouse money, but there are instances when you may not want to file jointly with your spouse. If you do not file jointly, you will be required to file “married filing separately,” and this filing status is often considered the least advantageous.

In most cases, the immigrant’s own assets can be counted too. On this page, you’ll find the top 10 countries where you can find a foreign bride—we’ll … Is falling in love with someone from another country a good or a bad thing? We used to view multicultural and/or long-distance relationships as something …