Electric mobility

Since 2015, Newelec has been working with Powerdale, a Brussels-based company that designs and manufactures 100% Belgian charging solutions.

Study :

  • Advice and technical analysis for tailor-made B2B or B2B2C charging solutions
  • Mode 3 (AC terminal up to 22kw) and mode 4 (DC terminal) charging solutions
  • Static or dynamic load management
  • Remote management of charging points via GRPS or LAN network
  • Presentation of installation budgets

Execution :

  • Installation of your charging station
  • Installation of protections
  • Laying of cables and connections
  • Powering on
  • Terminal configuration
  • Training in the use of the terminal and access to the platform

Maintenance :

  • Visual verification
  • Function check
  • Charging test
  • Maintenance report
  • Assistance/troubleshooting/repair